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Title: A Journey to the Truth
Author: Sohrab ChamanAra
Author’s Website: http://www.ajourneytothetruth.com
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publisher’s Website: http://www.authorhouse.com/
Genre: Spirituality
Publication date: September 2005
ISBN: 1-4208-7727-5
Length: 129 pages
Format: Paperback

A Journey to the Truth

A Journey to the Truth ~ Sohrab ChamanAra ~AuthorHouse ~ Spirituality

A Journey to the Truth seldom takes a straight path

This is a tender story about a boy called Sam, born into poverty, growing up in South Chicago during the 1940’s. Raised by loving parents as a Christian, familiar with the teachings of the bible, Sams is suddenly flung into a distraught world of confusion when his parents die and he goes to live with his kind aunt and uncle, who can’t really afford to keep him. From here we follow his remarkable Journey to the Truth, as he develops into a teenager, attends college and finds love.

As time progresses, so does Sam’s career, but despite his newfound wealth, his life takes another turn for the worse, causing him to feel something is missing from his inner happiness. In search of explanations he turns to different religions, such as Buddhism, Judaism and Zoroastrian, only to discover there is no one faith with all the answers, but each hold a common ground that he is able to use as a guide. Through a series of personal tragedies, uplifting moments, and other key characters, the reader will revel in Sam’s advancement to enlightenment.

Sam is similar to many people struggling to give their life more meaning as they search for a faith to supply answers to life’s highs and lows. Although this is a fictional story, A Journey to the Truth is written with enough compassion and charm to make you care for the character Sam, whilst including accurate, researched details of historical events that would be appropriate to his journey, making it an enjoyable and believable read. This, along with a delightful plot and supporting characters, has produced a beautifully written fly-on-the-wall story. For me, the author, Sohrab ChamanAra, provided a realistic view of the world, as it would be during Sam’s life, which is part of its appeal. As a reader, I also felt that Sam’s thoughts and discussions about different religions were written into the plot with just the right amount of information. I didn’t get bogged down with the technicalities, yet there was enough to learn from without sounding like I was being preached to. In fact, the mystical 12th century poems of Rumi, sound quite fascinating! When we meet the character Sohrab (the author’s real name) it struck me that maybe there is more truth in this book than I first thought. Whether I am right or not, only the author can say, but this drew me into the story even more! Sam is an endearing character who captured my heart, as I watched him grow from a young boy to a grandparent, and like me, you will hope he gains the peace and love he deserves.

About the Author:

Sohrab ChamanAra was born in 1947 in Kermanshah, Iran. He graduated from the University of London as an electrical engineer in 1969 and worked in Iran until 1987 when he immigrated to the U.S. He became a U.S.citizen a few years later and has been living in Des Plaines, Illinois since 1988. He and his wife of 36 years, Minoo, have one daughter, Shabnam.

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