221. Alternative HUMOUR: World Beard Championships!

If you fancy a laugh have a look at the latest ‘World Beard Championships’ news! Believe it or not, a lot of effort has gone into making each individual beard a winner…

My Daily Random Question:

What’s the oldest item in your fridge?

I hate to say this, but hiding in the back of my fridge I’ve just discovered a bowl of home made cranberry sauce that I made to go with my turkey at CHRISTMAS! Because of the large amount of brandy I added, it has kept well, although, I didn’t fancy my chances eating it now we are in March — so it’s now going in the bin, finally!

The Happiness Manifesto:
Today I’m grateful for:

1. Discovering the above world beard and moustache championships website above! LOL

2. Seeing my creating of the ‘Practice the Happiness Manifesto’ group on 43 things is really helping people become more positive, improving their life and self-worth, and ultimately their well-being!

3. Having a nice afternoon with my mother-in-law yesterday!

4. My parents for being so thoughtful.

5. My son learning to swim, finally!

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