218. Alternative LINK: World Book Day!

World Book Day is the biggest annual event supporting books and reading in the UK and Ireland and the emphasis for 2006 is celebration. Schools, libraries, bookshops and other venues will be encouraged to hold even more book-related events, activities and parties than in previous years!

The link above will lead you to the main site. If you go to this link here, you can find out who are the latest children’s authors, read their biographies and book extracts.

Here is a great example of an extract from DEAR MR MORPINGO by Michael Morpurgo! One of my favourite children’s authors. PDF File.

My Daily Random Question:

If you write, what is your daily wordcount?

Of course this can vary, but I tend to stick to 750 per day (on one project). That doesn’t include columns, articles or reveiwing work. Perhaps it should.

The Happiness Manifesto:
Today I’m grateful for:

1. Receiving a lovely book catalogue from Sounds.com. So much choice! I want to read them all!

2. Having met a very kind lady at a ‘Seminar for School Secretaries/Headteachers’ who kindly lead the way home for me, after a terrible 7 lorry pile up on the A14 forced us to find another route home. And I always get lost on my way there, so going home another route would have been a nightmare without her.

3. Coincidences! By coincidence, the same lady above, turned out to be my Headteacher’s previous secretary! She wants her back and that’s a good sign! LOL

4. Making it there and back safely. Seeing an accident like that made me realise how vulnerable one can be on the road these days.

5. Having the foresight to fill my petrol tank up yesterday! (I nearly didn’t).

What else is in the THE HAPPINESS MANIFESTO?

1. Plant something and keep it alive.
2. Count your blessings — think of at least five —
at the end of every day.
3. Have an hour-long uninterrupted conversation
with your partner each week.
4. Telephone a friend.
5. Give yourself a regular treat.
6. Have a good laugh each day.
7. Take regular exercise.
8. Smile at strangers, or talk to them.
9. Cut your television viewing by half.
10. Perform an act of kindness every day.

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