214. Euro-Reviews Romance:The Prey ~ Allison Brennan~ Ballentine Books

The Title: The Prey
Author: Allison Brennan
Publisher: http://www.ballentinebooks.com
Genre: Thriller / Mystery/ Romantic Suspense
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 0-345-48023-6
Pages: 396
Rating: 5/ 5 (Euro flags)
Heat rating: 1 of 3 terms

For a debut book, The Prey has a powerful and well placed narrative that can rival many top selling authors of murder, mystery and suspense. An explosive read!

My Daily Random Question:

Describe your worst habit!

I bite my nails, and try and cover them up with false nails…then I chew those off, too! There’s something very satisfying about the whole chewing concept. Not only do I do it when I’m nervous, but when I’m concentrating, watching something good on telly or just bored!

Happiness Manifesto:
Today I’m grateful for:

1. Feeling more human, and in less of a daze.

2. Having plenty of books to read.

3. My dog’s faithfulness and unconditional love!

4. Friends who call up unexpectedly.

5. The thrill I get from listening to a great piece of music. So inspiring!

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