213: Euro-Reviews Romance:Maria Isabel Pita~ Erotica

Title: Cat’s Collar
Author: Maria Isabel Pita
Author’s Website: http://www.mariaisabelpita.com/
Publisher: Magic Carpet Books
Genre: fiction / erotica
Publication date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-9766510-0-9
Rating: 5/ 5 (flags)
Heat rating: 3 of 3 terms

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My Daily Random Question:

What is your most favourite movie and why?

Mine is Stephen King’s film adaptation of THE SHINING. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, or that I know exactly what is going to happen. It still scares me silly, and the sight of Danny with the knife, saying “REDRUM, REDRUM, REDRUM” never fails to freak me out! And those spooky twin girls. And the woman in the bath. And…

The Happiness Manifesto:
Today I’m grateful for:

1. Having the best critique partner, and cyberfriend, ever!

2. Not feeling so sick or dizzy.

3. Still having the ability to smile, and look forward to the future, despite feeling lousy.

4. Uninterupted, hot, relaxing bubble baths.

5. More snow!

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