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In an effort to complete two of my goals at 43 things, I have added a couple of extra items to my posts, which I must complete on a daily basis. You will normally find these at the bottom of the my daily blog, but for now they are in this main post.

I will start with my ‘daily random question’, something to get you all talking…

Followed by at least five random, amazing things I am grateful for each day. Part of the Practice the Happiness Manifesto daily‘ goal, of which I am the team leader! I never thought it would be so popular. We now have 38 people doing this, and a team of 23.

In case you are wondering where I got the idea of the ‘Happiness Manifesto’ this is my original post:



The idea came to me after watching the first of four one-hour programmes on BBC2, 9.00pm today (Tuesdays). The aim is to make the residents of UK’s biggest ‘concrete jungle’ Slough a happier place, with happy people. If you’ve ever seen The Office, tv series, heard of John Bunyan’s ‘despond’ in The Pilgrims Progress, or laughed at the ditty ‘Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough/It isn’t fit for humans now’ (Betjeman) then you will understand! Or maybe the idea of being happier, just appeals…

If you missed it, or live abroad, please do check out the above sites. Like most people, I do not consider myself an unhappy person, however, I do know, how during the course of a normal day, it’s often quite hard to see the funny, ‘good’ side of life. Life is a bitch, and then, as my husband would say ‘you marry one!’ Joking aside (see it’s working already) who couldn’t do with a little more happiness in their life?

This is how they reckon they can make SLOUGH happy:

1. Plant something and keep it alive.
2. Count your blessings — think of at least five —
at the end of every day.
3. Have an hour-long uninterrupted conversation
with your partner each week.
4. Telephone a friend.
5. Give yourself a regular treat.
6. Have a good laugh each day.
7. Take regular exercise.
8. Smile at strangers, or talk to them.
9. Cut your television viewing by half.
10. Perform an act of kindness every day.

Well, it’s worth a try! I’m giving it a go. What about you? Come and join me, and the rest of Slough, of course!
Considering I’m team leader here, I’ve been very naughty and hardly posted anything to this group about my own daily ‘thanks’. So it’s about time I became an active member of this group and a more positive role model. I’ve given plenty of encouragement, invited other to join us, and posted to other peoples goals, but this is my first attempt to actually list my ‘thanks!’

Yesterday I was grateful for:

1. Being given a bottle of bubbly (a late birthday present) 8.00am in the morning. (A lovely, unexpected surprise on a Monday morning!)

2. My husband’s patience!

3. My husband helping me to dismantle and throw away the spare bed.

4. The office I have now set up in the spare bedroom.

5. Decluttering my paperwork. (In my new office!)

Today I am truly grateful for:

1. Being able to get up when my alarm goes off and checking my emails before work! Yay!

2. Posting to my blog much earlier, freeing up more time to concentrate on my freelance writing.

3. Having a vivid imagination.

4. Saying hello to a friendly stranger (owner of a Boxer dog named Bruce) and discovering they live down the same road as me!

5. Getting home from work, only to find another late birthday present sticking out of my mailbox. It’s a Momiji, and I’ve never seen anything like it before — so cute. The box says ‘Momiji can keep a secret’ and it’s a wooden figure that has a small secret hole in the base. Within this, hidden away, if a teeny card to write a teeny message on. The one I have is ‘Promise’ — she likes Mozart, espresso and white water rafting! (or so, it says on the collectors card). I’m going to take a photo of her, so you can see what I mean!

Here she is.
I will stand her on my desk with pride.

More reviews coming soon.

Until then, have a great day. Please don’t forget to answer my daily question below!

Sassy Brit

My Daily Random Question:(Please respond, I’d love to hear your answers!)
Apart from your family and friends, what is your most precious item?

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