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The Blackgloom Bounty

Title: The Blackgloom Bounty
Author: Jon F Baxley
Author’s Website: http://hometown.aol.com/wasp1946/
Publisher: Five Star Publishing & Thorndike Press (Imprints
of Thomson Gale)
Genre: Fantasy
Publication date: April, 2006
ISBN: 1-59414-451-6
Length: 445 pages
Format: Hardcover and eBook
Series: The Regents of Rhum (Sept 2006)

The Blackgloom Bounty ~ Jon F Baxley ~ Five Star Publishing & Thorndike Press ~ Fantasy

A riveting fantasy adventure, you won’t forget! Look out, Hollywood!

The Blackgloom Bounty by Jon F Baxley is a roller coaster of a fantasy novel, which really captures the imagination. Based around the adventure of Daynin Mckinnon who is attempting to reclaim his heritage and prevail against villainous noblemen bent on his destruction and the theft of his newly discovered treasure. The story begins in medieval England where a poor farmer and his grandson, Daynin, barely scrape a living from the land.

Daynin then discovers the Scythian Stone, and not knowing it’s worth is quickly taken under the wing of Kruzurk Makshare, a Sorcerer who trained under the one and only Merlin. Kruzurk is visited in a dream by Merlin and told to destroy another Merlin apprentice, The Seed of Cerberus. On the way, Daynin meets and falls in love with Sabritha who then accompanies him on the rest of his quest.

Daynin and most of the other characters in the story are involved in a lengthy chase that takes them to Scotland and to the island where Daynin grew up, where he can now fight for his heritage against the evil noblemen that pursue him.

This was an excellent read that didn’t delve too deeply into the realms of fantasy. What I mean by this is that the story is Earth-based. It contains elements of fantasy that are offset by the realistic struggle of the main characters to forge their way across England and into the far reaches of the Scottish Isles. There would appear to have been some careful research by the author to bring a good amount of realism to the tale. With everything you want from a story, from romance to bloodthirsty battles, this would suit readers of all ages. Those who read it will, no doubt, be eager to read the next instalment! In conclusion, I found this entertaining adventure a riveting and unforgettable read. Look out, Hollywood!

THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY is being presented to Warner Bros. pictures for a possible book-to-big screen package. This evolved from the starred review in Publishers Weekly and other high profile reviews. Mr Baxley was contacted by a producer who read the book, and absolutely loved it and wants to bring it to a major Hollywood player.


Author Bio:
Jon F Baxley is an award winning freelance writer, novelist, historian, editor, author and Internet entrepreneur from Hondo, Texas. His latest major work is a serialized fantasy epic that began with an eBook entitled The Scythian Stone and continues with the April 2006 hard cover release of The Blackgloom Bounty from Five Star Publishing & Thorndike Press (Imprints of Thomson Gale).

Prior to Baxley’s writing career, he served with the U.S. Army and the United States Information Agency in the former Soviet Union. Having been a full time editor, ghostwriter and author for many years, Baxley turned his attention to fiction writing and has never looked back.

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