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An Inspiring New Book for Understanding One’s Spiritual Purpose in Life

Disoriented about your direction and true purpose in life? What are the heavens? Why turn the other check? Is there really proof of God’s existence? Whether you are a non-believer, a new believer, or seasoned saint, author Deborah Lintz-Hill’s new book, The Proper Care & Feeding of Your Soul (Paragon Legacies; November 2005; paperback; $19.95), will aid you in fully understanding your purpose and finding answers to some of lifes most important and perplexing questions. Human existence was designed by God for a reason. But for some, the reason seems unreachable when invisible obstacles like fear, jealousy, pain, and other negative emotions get in the way. This new book , which is part personal revelations, autobiography, anecdotal, part science is intended to help strengthen the reader’s belief in God, in others, and ultimately his or her self so that living life abundantly peaceful and successful begins, as God intended.

The major premise of this book is the assertion that humanity is wholly necessary to one another. Deborah describes her book as a signpost pointing towards the shortcut to putting in perspective this maze called, “life on Earth.” Each chapter is intended to guide readers in discovering God in every aspect of their lives as they begin to “connect the dots” spiritually. Though this book is quite a stew of ideas, all ideas point to five major points:

· Shame is a hindrance to spiritual growth.

· Honest self examination is necessary to spiritual growth.

· Judging others is spiritually fatal.

· Spiritual ascension begins with the understanding that we are all being led to enlightenment through Christ

· The Bible is a spiritual and personal directive for our lives

Deborah knows first-hand how knowledge of God’s mercy uplifts and comforts the weak spirit. His infinite grace is all one needs to get through life’s toughest trials. Through her personal interpretations of some of the parables of the New Testament to a spiritual litmus test, she challenges readers to think deeper about their spiritual life. She implores the reader to seek out the spirituality of his/her faith as opposed to studying historical confirmation. As she shares with readers some of the triumphant life lessons she has learned along the way, it is her desire that readers are compelled to experience the freedom, peace, and joy Christ’s way of life offers.

Praise from the Publisher . . .

From a soup bowl of ideas, Deborah Lintz-Hill melds a definite concoction worthy of consideration. Read it – it will change your life!

About the Author

Deborah Lintz-Hill grew up in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of North Texas earning a BA in Sociology. She currently resides in Plano, TX with her husband and three lovely daughters. She is available for literary events, interviews, book club meetings, luncheons, churches, speaking engagements, and conferences. Visit her online for more information at http://www.deborahlintzhill.com

The Proper Care & Feeding of Your Soul
Deborah Lintz-Hill
Paragon Legacies
$19.95 US; ISBN 0977664805
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