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The Book Cover of the Year 2018 #AltRead Alternative Book Cover Award Nominees! Have you voted for the winner of all winners? #BookCover #AltReadBCA2018

Welcome to the #AltRead Alternative Book Cover Award 2018!

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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award 2018

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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award

Book Cover of the Year 2018 NOMINATIONS!

Lycan wunner 31.5.18Choosing light winner 30.6.18Darcy winner 30.12Rio's World winner 30.4.18Oliv Prom winner 31.7.18

A celebration of talent! Thank you to everyone taking part and all your entries over the course of the year. This is not entirely a year’s worth of winners, but they are the winning covers for 2018.  Technically it’s not a full year, as we were plagued with problems, and I only started the return of these polls in April, however, I promised the winners a book of the year vote, and thought, hey, why not? It’s still fun!

Which do you think deserves to be the overall winner?

Once you have picked out your favourite cover, scroll down to the bottom to find the poll, and have your say. Thank you!

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Romance, Sports, Comedy, and Mystery – I tried to incorporate everything a books needs!

Visit Artist / Designer Website : Dave 

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The Lycan Chronicles

Following a year after The Daywalker Chronicles, The Lycan Chronicles finds Theo distraught when he finds out that his cousin, Matteo is facing some problems back home. Curious, he heads to Vancouver and soon finds out what’s happened and how bad it really is.

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Choosing Light: When an Earthquake Buried Me and My Family for 5 Days I Learned to Fully Live

Visit Artist / Designer Website : George Foster http://www.fostercovers.com

Trapped. Family Missing. Buried underneath tons of rubble, all he wanted was to find his family.

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Order now at Amazon USA!This is an Amazon Associate link, where I will get a small (tiny) contribution if you make a purchase through the UK site.

Olivia’s Promise

Young woman who helps spirits pass over to other side, turns back on those who need her the most because of peer pressure, but must make a decision because of best friends tragic and sudden death. Will she have the courage to face her fears and save her best friend from a fate worse than death?

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Order now at Amazon USA!This is an Amazon Associate link, where I will get a small (tiny) contribution if you make a purchase through the UK site.

Visit Artist / Designer Website : Fine Design ~ Contact email: tim@izzardink.com

Author Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/AngelinasSecretBook/

Mr Darcy’s Proposal: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

by Martine Jane Roberts

With her father’s consent, Fitzwilliam Darcy proposes to Elizabeth Bennet, but she is adamant in her refusal. Yet during his daily visits, as he slowly reveals his softer side, Elizabeth’s feelings begin to change. But then George Wickham appears, and with a secret accomplice threatens to destroy everything, including them!.

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Visit Artist / Designer Websitehttps://www.fiverr.com/jessicaecovers 

The Poll

On the poll (below) you can click on the cover to see the image again.

To vote:

  1.  Choose the cover you want to win on the actual poll itself, and tick the box next to it.
  2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the poll to find the button that says ‘VOTE’ and click to vote!

Please note:  You can now come back once a day to vote!!

Want to enter your book cover in the coming months? Go here to send me the details!

Need more info? Visit my ‘About Our Book Cover Award’ page.  http://bit.ly/ARcovers

Any broken links, or queries, please let me know.  Sassy.Brit @ gmail.com (without the spaces). Thanks.

N.B. Because of complaints, (the reason I stopped doing this in Aug -Oct) I have been looking into paid polls (polls which have more security) but for now I’m staying with the free version whilst I continue my search. However, I have changed this poll so no one can see the results until the end AND you can now vote once a day! That should help a little.

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  1. Dear Sassy Brit, my book, Olivia’s Promise was entered in the Book Cover of the year and I was wondering how it did? I did not receive any notice as to who won or where my book cover placed. Could you please let me know?

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