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The One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria – Takes a terrifying peek into how you should always be cautious about meeting ex-partners at school reunions! #REVIEW

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The One That Got Away

Everyone has one. An ex you still think about. The one who makes you ask ‘what if’?

Fifteen years have passed since Stella and George last saw each other. But something makes Stella click ‘yes’ to the invite to her school reunion. There’s still a spark between them, and although their relationship ended badly, they begin an affair.

But once someone gets you back, sometimes they’re never going to let you go again…




The One That Got AwayThe One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The One That Got Away 
by Annabel Kantaria takes a terrifying peek into how you should always be cautious about meeting ex-partners at school reunions, especially that ‘one that got away’ (after a bad breakup) should you be wanting to rekindle that old flame. haha!

I’d say it is also a cautionary tale and that should make anyone considering even contemplating adultery to think twice about the consequences of playing with fire! Take George for example, who gets his fingers truly burnt when he goes after Stella despite being a married man. I loved it how he was just too conceited to see what was happening right under his very nose! But who is manipulating who? George has his own agenda.

Childhood sweethearts Stella and George have a history and they’re about to continue where it left off.

This cleverly written dark and twisted story that is probably one of the first books I have read in which I didn’t like either of the main characters, (and I think that is the point) yet I still found the story thrilling! Who to emphasise with? It’s a light read with short chapters which helped increase the speed I read this.

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  1. How lucky I am to be able to say that “exes” at School Reunions have never been a problem for me, as I attended a Single-Sex Grammar School run by Jesuits!
    On the other hand, the “Old Boys’ Network” still exists and can be VERY useful …

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