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A True Wartime Story: guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye ~ In the Mouth of the Wolf by Michael Morpurgo #Review #nonfictionnov #nonfiction

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Non fiction NOV

I’m on a mission to review all my outstanding non-fiction books this month, since it’s non-fiction November. And there’s a lot! Will I be able to do it?  I’ll give it my best shot.


In the Mouth of the WolfIn the Mouth of the Wolf by Michael Morpurgo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this short book, “In the Mouth of the Wolf” , we’re privy to fascinating insights into the life of children’s fiction author Michael Morpurgo’s Uncle Francis who narrates in the first person at the age of ninety years, reminiscing about his life. It is a heartfelt TRUE story (hence the reason why this has made into my non-fiction category over at Goodreads) and one that is aimed at kids and young adults, but adults will get plenty from this, too.

The artwork within is tremendously well-done by award-winning artist Barroux, and set against a backdrop of World War Two. You’ll find it packs an emotion punch, whilst being a fast-paced read filled with outstanding wartime courage and love. Brotherly love, too.

What a treat this was to discover, since it reads like an fictional story, yet has some intriguing, real people pictures at the back of the book, so you can meet the real characters of these true events. It’s no wonder Morpurgo is such a talented storyteller if he’s heard family stories like this.

In fact, this is such a lovely story, it brought tears to my eyes on more than on occasion. Damn you, Micheal Morpurgo and your wonderfully tear-inducing story-telling skills!

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