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Welcome to our latest non-fiction review on Today's a book of lists! The Top Ten of Everything!

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The Top Ten of Everything

Non fiction NOV


Uncle John's Top 10 of Everything 2018Uncle John’s Top 10 of Everything 2018 by Paul Terry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m reviewing the “Top 10 of Everything 2018”, and as the title suggests this is a fun book full of top ten lists, all found to astound you, by the fabulous information gatherer Paul Terry.

On each page there’s additional facts with engaging pictures. There’s also a full subject index, which will have information seekers drooling. Young and old, alike.

An ideal book for any list-loving who enjoys learning new things and discovering mind-boggling facts you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Perfect for quiz masters, curious minds, and for use as a coffee-table book to get the conversation flowing!

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