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Welcome to our latest NON-FICTION review on Alternative-Read.com. Our second post for today is "Chakra Wisdom Oracle: How To Read The Cards For Yourself and Others" by Tori Hartman.

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Continuing my Non-Fiction November Feature!

Non fiction NOV

Chakra Wisdom Oracle: How To Read The Cards For Yourself and Others 

by Tori Hartman

Paperback available on Amazon.


Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your LifeChakra Wisdom Oracle: How To Read The Cards For Yourself and Others 
by Tori Hartman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s quite possibly a little known fact that I used to review a lot more new age, self-help books and products in the past, hence the name ‘alternative’ in my website address. So when I saw this available for review it reminded me of those days, and I jumped at the chance of reviewing this – “How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others (Chakra Wisdom Oracle) Tori Hartman“. Tori is a professional intuitive following a near-death experience some twenty years ago.

Unfortunately, this whole book is built around a set of Tarot style 49 mystical fable cards, revealed to Tori, which do not come with this book. It also focuses on The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit, which I also do not own. But there is an iPhone app! You can also go online and try them out there for free (an online shuffler).

I really must get these cards… they look gorgeous and after reading all about them I am definitely curious. I also quite like the idea of the toolkit too. Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit: A 52-week journey of self-discovery with the lost fables.

The book itself explains what the cards mean and how to interpret them. You learn about the Great Servant and the 17 Great Spirits of the Council, which all relate to chakra coloured cards, with different aspects and teachings on. It’s written in a concise and well laid out format. There are also some handy quick reference tables to help simplify the teachings, plus reading techniques and meditative journaling are also covered.

With 320 pages, it is quite full on, which in my eyes is a good thing. It doesn’t skimp on detail. Plus, if you visit Tori’s website there are now courses you can take up to train you how to use these cards even further, and more in depth.

I can recommend this book to anyone who is already a fan of spiritual guides and tarot cards, or if this is something that just appeals to you, (there’s a reason for that) just try it out and see. If you’re dedicated enough you can learn so much more by repeated use to better your understanding of what these cards are telling you and how to read them fully.

These look like powerful and possible life-changing divination tools that Tori has created through her life-long fascination with colour and its power to transform and heal. For more information visit www.ToriHartman.com

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