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November/December 2018 #AltRead Alternative Book Cover Award Nominees! Have you voted yet? #BookCover

Welcome to the #AltRead Alternative Book Cover Award 2018!

For more information, please take a look at this link ~ Contest Rules.   Luv Sassy x

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I’m extending this poll until 20th December because when PollDaddy changed their name they wiped out the poll. I was able to get it back, stats intact, but many were unable to vote during this period. Hence the extension. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

You can also come back once a day to vote until 20th December! 

The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award 2018

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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award


A celebration of talent! Thank you to everyone taking part and all your entries. If you do not see your cover here, it is most likely going to be up for voting during the following months. Enjoy these beautiful covers. Everyone involved this month has been emailed to confirm.

Once you have picked out your favourite cover, scroll down to the bottom to find the poll, and have your say. Thank you!

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In addition, at the time of writing this (5th November 2018) those books with the free badge (as above) are currently free.  If you only want free, please check they are still free before you download.

The Skeleton Lady

by Tori L. Wilson 

The Skeleton Lady Kindle Edition by Tori L Wilson
The Skeleton Lady Kindle Edition by Tori L Wilson

Is their love strong enough to escape the bonds of their captors?

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Visit Artist / Designer Website : Sharon Kleve

Everest Trekking With Kids: Adventures to Base Camps in Nepal and Tibet

2. Everest Trekking With Kids

A memoir of how a UK family trekked to both Everest Base Camps and helped promote trekking the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, with the kids being amongst the youngest in the world to do so.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsitePolly Mundell (Photographer) | Germancreative

Beloved Enemy (The Destiny Trilogy Book 3)

By Hywela Lyn

3. Beloved Enemy

What if you had sworn to kill the man responsible for your sister’s death – and found yourself falling in love with him instead? Wounded souls have a way of finding each other, and when they are stranded on a hostile planet and forced to work together to survive, there may be more at stake than their own lives.

Order now at Amazon USA!

Visit Artist / Designer Website : Rae Monet

Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice Kindle Edition

4. Ana Rocha Shadows of Justice

Co-authored by a police detective comes this thriller crime/police thriller! Driven by a tragedy from her past, Ana Rocha has begun her career as a narcotics investigator. However, the journey that her duty takes her one will test her in every way.

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Visit Artist / Designer Website : Fiona Jayde

Mr Darcy’s Proposal: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

by Martine Jane Roberts

5. Mr Darcys Proposal

With her father’s consent, Fitzwilliam Darcy proposes to Elizabeth Bennet, but she is adamant in her refusal. Yet during his daily visits, as he slowly reveals his softer side, Elizabeth’s feelings begin to change. But then George Wickham appears, and with a secret accomplice threatens to destroy everything, including them!.

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Visit Artist / Designer Website 

Vengeance of a Slave (A Family Through the Ages Book 1)  

By  V.M. Sang

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6. Vengeance

Adelbehrt and his sister are taken as slaves by the Romans. He develops a hatred of the Romans and vows to get revenge. But can one young man take on the might of Rome single-handed?

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Visit Artist / Designer Website

The Violinist Kindle Edition

7. The Violinist

A famous violinist who wants only to be left alone, a grief stricken siren, an enraptured demon, a retired monster hunter. Step into a world of musicians, monsters and mayhem!

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Visit Artist / Designer Website :  C.R. Tyra

Broken Survivor

8. Broken Survivor

He’s the light to her darkness. But is love enough for a shattered soul?

Order now at Amazon USA!  This is an Amazon Associate link, where I will get a small (tiny) contribution if you make a purchase through the UK site.

Visit Artist / Designer Website : Robin Harper @ Wicked by Design

Lucy: An Open-Door Policy

by Anna Ambrose

9. Lucy-ODP

If Lucy can only find the courage to let go of her inhibitions, she’ll have the perfect opportunity to discover her true self while going after exactly what she wants—Ry.

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Visit Artist / Designer Website :  Rene Folsom (Phycel Designs)

Love Times Infinity (Relinquished Book 1)Kindle Edition 

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10. love times infinity

The last thing Karlie Angel wants to do is travel home to attend her younger sister’s wedding. As if catching her boyfriend in bed with her little sister wasn’t humiliating enough, now she must watch them say, “I do.” Karlie has given up on love, men and her own happily ever after. She just wants to get this nightmare wedding over with and head back out of town. But she didn’t count on Drew Jackson.

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The Poll

On the poll (below) you can click on the cover to see the image again.

To vote:

  1.  Choose the cover you want to win on the actual poll itself, and tick the box next to it.
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Please note:  You can now come back once a week to vote!!

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Need more info? Visit my ‘About Our Book Cover Award’ page.

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N.B.  The reason for the missing 3 months of this poll, is because I have been looking into paid polls (polls which have more security) but for now I’m staying with the free version whilst I continue my search. Those that I have found are either too expensive or targeted towards self-hosted websites. However, I have changed this poll so no one can see the results until the end. That should help a little.

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