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#AuthorResource: The Wonderful World of #Audiobooks with Kelly Lytle and Sloan McBride @SloanMcBride1 #AltRead

Audiobooks are a terrific way to get your books into a valuable market. Join author Sloan McBride in a month-long workshop to explore "The Wonderful World of Audiobooks".
The Wonderful World of Audiobooks on
The Wonderful World of Audiobooks on

The Wonderful World of Audiobooks

with Kelly Lytle and Sloan McBride

Are you the adventurous type?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your stories in front of readers?  These are some of the questions we will explore and hopefully you’ll be able to answer if you come spend time with me and Kelly Lytle of Findaway Voices.  We are going to take on the subject of audiobooks and their place in the fiction world, from both the author and producer sides.  Kelly Lytle has graciously agreed to provide information from the producer side to questioning minds.  We hope to answer all your questions and get you excited about this rapidly growing venue.

Whether you’re updating a well-loved book from your back list, or you’re an Indy Author, audiobooks can be a terrific way to get your name and books into a valuable market.  Although audiobooks are not new, only in the last two decades have they made their way from the peripheral into the hungry fictional book market.

In this workshop we will explore aspects of how to pick a narrator, the process of making an audiobook, the cost of creating an audiobook, and marketing an audiobook.  Kelly Lytle from Findaway Voices is going to participate in the workshop and chime in on different subjects and help answer questions.

When the workshop is done, you will have a better understanding of this exciting venture. Find out more by visiting the link below.

The Wonderful World of Audiobooks.”

My Thoughts on Audioboooks

I personally love audiobooks and have been a long time member of Audible, but for some reason I hardly ever reviewed those books. Well, that is going to change! Plus, I absolutely adore how  I can still ‘read’ a book whilst tidying the house and doing washing up! I’ve never been so keen to clean…

What I’m listening to right now:

Connor's Gambit by Z. Gottlieb on
Connor’s Gambit by Z. Gottlieb on

Connor’s Gambit by Z. Gottlieb

After an alien targets his family, Brad Johnson, an entrepreneur on Earth, finds himself on an off world adventure, relying on his skills to survive intergalactic war.

Order now at Amazon USA!Buy on Amazon UK via (Amazon Associate Link- UK only)

What I’m listening to next:

Dangerous Heat by Sloan McBride on
Dangerous Heat by Sloan McBride on

Dangerous Heat by Sloan McBride

Can Tom and Whitney learn to trust each other again and protect all that they hold dear, or will their world turn to ashes around them?

Order now at Amazon USA!This is an Amazon Associate link, where I will get a small (tiny) contribution if you make a purchase through the UK site.

What are you listening to?

Do you listen to audiobooks? What’s on your player right now?  Feel free to leave a comment I’d love to find out.





  1. I really got into audibles last year and going strong with them now. I’m actually listening to ones that I read first too. Just got Survive The Night by Katie Ruggle today in the mail. Its the third in her Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series and I love them!

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