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Good Morning!

I'm not sure if any of you know this, but as well as a book addict, I'm an animal and wildlife lover, and do what I can to help all things great and small.

Last spring / summer I even asked (forced) my husband to leave a patch of grass on our lawn in our back garden, uncut, in what I thought was a small effort to help. Well, it grew wild and attracted more birds, insects and other creatures! A total success! In fact, it grew into an unruly four foot patch, but really worked. I found we'd got all sorts of wildflowers we'd never knew existed in our garden.

Needless to say I'm gong to be "requesting" we do this again, this spring. 😃 So, in line my small conservation efforts, and the bad weather warning we have had for the weekend - SNOW! I wanted to share two new products I've reviewed, for our feathered friends. I'm also hoping it might act as a reminder for you to top up their food. The weather here (East Anglia, UK) has actually been quite sunny over the last couple of days! But that is going to change, if the weather reports are anything to go by. Actually, I first heard this from my postwoman, of whom I am getting to know quite well, with all the deliveries I receive! 😃

Happy Thursday! Stay warm...

Luv Sassy x

Feeling Peckish?



First up, Peckish Winter Warmer Wild Bird Seed Mix!

I’m reviewing Peckish Winter Warmer Wild Bird Seed Mix, 1.7 kg by Peckish. Here are my thoughts:

^^ This seed mix has a high fat content, which provide more energy to the birds who eat this.

^^ It’s not filled with loads of wheat, which is often used in other brands as a cheap filler.

^^ I use this in my “conservation” area, a patch in my lawn of which I do not mow, and this seed attracts everything from robins, blackbirds, starlings, sparrows and pigeons – to name but a few. I’ve even seen blue tits and long-tailed tits hopping around in it. The mix definitely goes down very well, and needs topping up daily.

Overall: This does look and feel like a higher quality mix, and the birds in my garden really go for it. Especially my robins. Yes, I have two who visit our garden frequently. I thought there was a saying that they’re so territorial, you only get one robin per garden? Maybe that’s not really true… ? Or it is that this mix is just so good? The birds in my garden definitely, seem to think so!




Next Up…

Peckish 300 g Winter Warmer Energy Suet Fat Cake Blocks for Wild Birds with Free Suet Cake Block Feeder, Pack of 8 by Peckish. Here are my thoughts:

^^ This pack comes with 8 packets of suet block cake, and a “free” ornate bird feeder (pics included), which makes this a rather attractive feature to hang from my bird feeder of which stands in my un-mowed “conservation” area in my garden. Incidentally, the patch itself, is only small, but in spring and summer it attracts so much more than any other area in my garden. You should try it! Abundant insects, extra food for the birds. Bees! I even discovered wild poppies, I never knew we had before, by leaving this patch alone, and it’s such a easy, and simple thing to do. Nothing! Let it grow! Let it grow! (Sorry, burst into song there, for a moment).

^^ The actual bird food, cake, is a rectangle block of suet cake, which fits into the ornate wire cage easily by popping open part of the wire and clicking it back together. Once enclosed, there is a chain to hang up the cake block so it dangles from our bird feeder.

^^ What made me smile was this pack I received, had cake blocks that were flavoured “Festive Mince-Pie”. They really smelt like it, too!

^^ At first my birds didn’t touch this, and I originally thought, maybe the mince-pie flavour is just not working for them and it’s too gimmicky? But then all of a sudden it was like they’d just discovered it, and once they did, they couldn’t get enough of this suet cake. I was so pleased, as I didn’t want to just chuck these all out and write a bad review. It all looks such a lovely package.

Overall: Now this is a popular cake feeder in my garden and attracts a variety of birds, mainly blue tits, long tailed tits, finches and sparrows. I’ve also seen robins sitting in the feeder from which this hangs, pecking at it. Of course, there’s also starlings, who will never miss something to eat! I think both the quality and the popularity of this pack, makes this a winning combination to keep our birds well fed over the winter months! Happy to recommend.



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  1. There’s a flock of wild turkeys in the woods behind my home. There’s at least 25 of them. Whenever I fill my bird feeders up, they shake the feeders until the seed empties on the ground.

  2. I love that you leave a patch of your garden for the birds and wildlife! What a great idea 🙂 I like using the suet packs, my husband always worries the loose seed will attract rats *eyeroll* lol


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