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Welcome to our featured author Sunday post, aptly named Sassy's #SundaySpotlight.

Here we focus on a different author every Sunday -- be it a classic writer you know and love, a New York Times / Sunday Times bestseller, or an Indie Author deserving to step up into the spotlight and have their voice heard.

So, lets meet this Sunday's FIRST Spotlight Author!



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Today we welcome author Razz Popo to Alternative-Read.com This book is currently free on Amazon. (Please check it still is, before clicking ‘buy’).

“TAT is for lovers of tales with aliens, super-powers, and more action than is legally allowed in under 400 pages”.




TAT by Razz Popo

Website: : https://razzpopo.com


As a child, I dreamed of meeting aliens, and having superpowers. Who hasn’t?

Well, I was right there when the spaceships crashed. I saw the lasers, felt the heat of the explosions and the clumps of dirt spank my face. And I saw the aliens.

Then came the orb and the tats, and with them, the powers. For a few days afterward, I was on cloud 99. And then it all went downhill.

First, I was fighting for the lives of strangers. Then I was fighting for my own. Now, I’m fighting for all of the above, and the lives of everyone I love.

TAT is for lovers of tales with aliens, super-powers, and more action than is legally allowed in under 400 pages.

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