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#abookaday #day60 : QUESTION: ❤ Have you ever bought a personalised book? ❤ Like this?👍

Welcome to my #abookaday daily (ish lol) crossover post, which is also part of my INSTAGRAM #100daysproject!

As always today's post poses a question.

Luv Sassy


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#abookaday #day60 :


Have you ever bought a personalised book?

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy HourThe Review.

As a member of the Mills and Boon Insiders group I was sent this surprise book to review. (Surprise as in – I didn’t even know it was coming, or that it would have my {real} name on the cover and inside on several pages).

I was also triply* surprised when I thought, “hey, they really know me, these guys”.  Happy Hour is my thing. I’ve always wondered why limit happy to just an hour? 

Anyway, enough of me. Have you bought any personalised books lately?

Have a great Thursday, everyone.  The weekend is in sight!

(And so are a few happy hours!)**

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* Yep, that is a word!

** I’ve never bought Channing Tatum plastic figurines, but I do regularly get funny looks*** from my postmen/women (yes, we have several women posties in my area).

*** Mostly these looks consist of lots of raised eyebrows, and comments like – ‘Had to get the van out for your parcels today, couldn’t carry this all on my bike!’

I get the distinct impression I’m keeping them in their jobs!

Did I mention I reviewed this book? You can read it here.



  1. Nope. Never bought one. Sounds fu n. My name has been used in a couple books by an author I work with though. And my mail delivery person gives me funny looks too. Especially on those days when everything arrives at once. LOL

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