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Switched on: You Have It in You, You Just Need to Switch It on by Sahar Hashemi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Get Switched On – for that Light Bulb Moment

Switched on: You Have It in You, You Just Need to Switch It on

Sahar Hashemi shares her insights and knowledge on how to use the entrepreneur mindset within a company as an employee. She uses her own entrepreneurial business success the “Coffee Republic” as examples of her experience, alongside the views of other former, successful entrepreneurs. Hashemi’s 8 habits of a “Switched On” mindset (the habits of an entrepreneur) are about behavioural change and adopting new habits to inspire the reader to get motivated, creative and above all persist by taking action. The key word here, as always in success, is “action”. She looks at how being “Switched On” within a large organisation can help step away from the usual barriers, and avoid the “how we always done it” mentality to achieve success. Yet is is done in a way that where one will still be seen as a team player while dumping he bureaucratic baggage of large compartmentalised corporations. True light bulb moments.

I loved this book in that the advice given can be “switched on” and is eminently actionable, by anyone, in any organisation at any level. And there is nothing to prevent the lone entrepreneur getting some great tips from this book either. Of course there is a level of engagement and emotional involvement required to not just read the book but act upon what is read.

I must add that Hashemi’s 8 habits are like a British version of Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, of which there is now an 8th habit, but with less of the unnecessary spiritual guff (for those not into that). Everything learned can be used within a large organisation and by going that extra mile in a new, fun way which reignites one’s enthusiasm for the job; can’t be bad.

Overall: This is one of those books which excited me, hence the 5 star review. So, if like me entrepreneur books switch you on, I highly recommend you getting “Switched On” by this. Unless of course, all the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

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