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Welcome to my featured author Sunday post, aptly named Sassy's #SundaySpotlight.

Here I focus on a different author every Sunday -- be it a classic writer you know and love, a New York Times / Sunday Times bestseller, or an Indie Author deserving to step up into the spotlight and have their voice heard.

So, lets meet this Sunday's Spotlight Author!

Sassy’s Sunday Spotlight!

Spotlight on:  Kyla Ross

Website: http://kyrobooks.com

Book Blurb : :

In the Spring 2017 collection of dark short fiction from Kyrobooks, accidents happen and kids go without sleep. Myths are tested and victims are sought out. A woman and her sister crash into a river. A boy dreads the visit of an unsolicited being. Two brothers test a Christmas myth and get more than they bargain for.

A new mother takes a driving gig only to find herself at the mercy of a deranged gunman. A couple have a much anticipated talk and a would-be serial killer stalks his next victim.

Meet the Author: :

3131b1fbbf8fe510905265dac362053cKyla Ross is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog at kyrobooks.com and is the author of a gruesome, suspenseful short story series titled A Trinity of Wicked Tales and an erotic thriller novel titled When We Swing—An Erotic Thriller. Kyla’s extreme horror novel, Hotel Holly, will be released fall 2017.

BUY NOW link on Amazon UK : : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06ZY45JJM

BUY NOW link on Amazon COM : : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZY45JJM

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