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#Review: #FairytaleFrankie and the Mermaid Escapade!

Welcome to my latest review- a cool children's book with a modern slant to it called FairytaleFrankie and the Mermaid Escapade!

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Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade
by Greg Gormley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars Buy from Amazon!Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade

This is a review of a free book I received via the Amazon Vine Programme.

I am reviewing Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade written by Greg Gormley, and illustrated by Steven Lenton. Here are my thoughts:

^^ This is a lovely fairytale with a modern twist. There’s a lifeguard wizard, and a surfing prince. Even the main character Frankie is a girl with what could be a boy’s name.

^^‘‘Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade’’ by Greg Gormley and Steven Lenton is the first of a series of fairytale adventures for children about 3 to 6 years old.

^^ The story, written by Greg Gormley, is fun, reads smoothly and for the younger children would be great as a read together book, whilst encouraging new readers to strengthen their own reading skills.

^^ The illustrations by Steven Lenton are equally fantastic, and really help move the story along, with plenty to see and talk about. They are bright, bold and magical.

Overall: A thoroughly entertaining and exciting tale for young children. I mean, who doesn’t like fairytales, beaches or mermaids?

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