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Welcome to my featured author Sunday post, aptly named Sassy's #SundaySpotlight.

Here I focus on a different author every Sunday -- be it a classic writer you know and love, a New York Times / Sunday Times bestseller, or an Indie Author deserving to step up into the spotlight and have their voice heard.

So, lets meet this Sunday's Spotlight Author!


Sunday Spotlight

Author Name: Sean Kavanagh


About the Author:

Sean splits his time between working on television documentaries, films and commercials, with being the author of thriller and crime novels. He has also sold several screenplays.

His thrillers and crime novels are accessible, entertaining and also with a slight twist…

Sean lives in his native city of London with his wife and family

twitter: @bookishchap

The Eternity Bureau

Book Blurb :

A fast-paced medical thriller that will chill you…

“Your life becomes HIS life the day The Eternity Bureau knocks at your door. You are to become the medical double of a brutal dictator. But when the dictator becomes sick, the real terror starts…”

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Sassy’s #SundaySpotlight



  1. Awesome cover art! I used to anxiously await Robin Cook’s newest medical thrillers. I’ve kind of fallen away from this genre. This would be a good start back into it.

    Liked by 1 person

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