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#day39 of #abookaday — Blue Books: Question: Which house do you belong in? I’m a #Ravenclaw! I love blue books! (but I also love pink, green, red, white, erm, all!) Here’s a #blue #bookstack!

Welcome to my #abookaday daily (ish lol) Instagram crossover post, which is also part of my Instagram #100daysproject and the lovely #BritBookwormBookChallenge2! (Phew!)

Today's chat and Instagram challenge picture is all about "Blue Books". No, not THOSE blue books! LOL

Are you on INSTAGRAM? Join me, I'd love to see you there!

#day39 of #abookaday — Blue Books! (No, not naughty ones…)


Which house do you belong in? I’m a Ravenclaw! I love blue books! (but I also love pink, green, red, white, and erm, all!) Here’s a #blue #bookstack! . . .

Any Harry Potter fans out there?

Luv Sassy


P.S. Yes, I realise I didn’t actually include my Harry Potter Ravenclaw special edition in this book stack. LOL Oops!

P.S. If you’re not a Potter fan, have you read any of these books?

I’ve read:

The Couple Next Door – Review

A Stranger in the House – Review

Into the Water – Review

Ravenclaw Info: 





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