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#day38 of #abookaday Question: Do you use #bookmarks, fold down corners, or another way? @millsandboonuk #BritBookwormBookChallenge #millsandbooninsiders 💕

Welcome to my #abookaday daily (ish lol) Instagram crossover post, which is also part of my Instagram #100daysproject and the lovely #BritBookwormBookChallenge! (Phew!)

Today's chat and Instagram challenge picture is all about Books and Bookmarks. Hope you like it!

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#day38 of #abookaday

Books and Bookmarks:


Do you use #bookmarks, fold the corner of the page down, or mark your place in a book another way? . . .


Do share. I’d love to find out!

I actually use post it notes, so I can write on them, too. I used to collect bookmarks, so I haven’t got many new ones lately. But now I’m wanting more. I’m discovering that not only do I love collecting them again, but they’re great for Instagram photos! Like the photo above.


Luv Sassy


P.S. I’m not sure if anyone remembers this but me, but in the old days of book blogging, authors used to send me bookmarks just because I collected them. I wonder now if things have changed a little where bookmarks are concerned, because of ebooks…

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  1. Years ago, (and I mean more than 3 decades), when I was just discovering the joys of reading, I used to lay books open or dog ear the pages, but then I learned what a sin it was to the books, so ever since I have used book marks. I too, love collecting them. : )

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