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This is my #Friday56 #Instagram56 with @fredasphotos & #BookBeginnings #TheGoodDaughter by #KarenSlaughter #Friday #TGIF! #FollowFriday! #F4F

Welcome to my #Friday56 & #BookBeginnings #Friday post. Where I share the book beginning and page 56 of my current read via Instagram!

If you leave a comment below (thank you!) I'll pop by and visit you, too. I love comments, and returning the favour x

My review: The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. Sadly, it was not the exciting read I had anticipated.

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Book Beginnings:

With Gilion Dumas of RoseCityReader @GilionDumas


Friday 56:

With Fredasvoice  @fredalicious and on Instagram as @fredasphotos #Friday56


Enjoy your weekend!

Luv Sassy


Instagram Tags: This is my #Friday56 & #Instagram56 with @fredasphotos & #BookBeginnings
#TheGoodDaughter by #KarenSlaughter Yes, that does rhyme –  is that meant to? Surely she must have realised… The review is already up. I’ll link to it with my new #Friday blog post tomorrow. . .#booktastic #bookstagram #bookalicous #book #cover #bookcover #bookstagrammer #bookshelf #abookaday #bookphotography #bibliophile #bookish #bookworm #booklove #booklover #Friday #TGIF! #FollowFriday! #F4F via Instagram http://ift.tt/2uWuKGI


  1. I enjoy Slaughter’s books, so I’ve added this one to my list. The title struck a familiar chord, so I had to check Goodreads to see if I’d read it…and no, not yet. Just other books by the same name by other authors. It’s confusing! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

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  2. Hi. Just wanted to give you a heads up that you will be my “Recommended Blogger” to know on the 365 Daily Challenge later this week. I’ll create a WordPress ping-back in the post to your site and tell everyone about you. Thanks for being a great online blogging friend! -Jay

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  3. Sorry to hear the book wasn’t what you were hoping for. I just had to DNF a book that I thought was going to be great based on the synopsis! I was just having so much trouble following the story, and all of the characters blurred together…

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