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What’s on your desk, Wednesday? #AuthorSpotlight Jenna Victoria @jennavictori

Welcome to today’s What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Author spotlight feature. 

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming, author Jenna Victoria to Alternative-Read. 

What’s on your desk, Wednesday? Weekly Spotlight Feature!

Author Jenna Victoria shares her desk:


My Writing Routine :

As I write during ongoing treatment for recurrent breast cancer some days sitting at keyboard isn’t possible. So I like using index cards and my phone notes app to capture plot bunnies before I forget them.

My Book :

WaroftheHeart UK.png


When a vintage snow globe sends Boston dress designer Louise Martin and British B&B owner George Walker back in time to London, December 1940, they race against the clock to reconcile a feud between their families and solve a 75-year-old mystery.
As Louise relies on George for guidance, friendship then love, will the future he envisions strangle her own dreams?
Will their relationship survive generations of mistrust, the Blitz and the possibility of being stranded in wartime 1940, never to return to their former lives?


Author details:

Jenna Victoria


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  1. Now that’s an honest picture of what’s on your desk. Cluttered and busy, but I bet you can reach for something without looking, knowing right where it is!

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