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#abookaday #day19 Have you bought a book purely because its cover? Which one?

Welcome to Day 19 of my "A Book A Day" posts. Which books have you bought lately purely based on their covers?

#abookaday #day19

Another seriously beautiful shelf!

Okay, this is the last picture of these beautiful shelves, folks.  Although, I’m sure if you love books like I do, you’ll totally understand why I am sharing these. I’m not really totally barmy, right?
Do you judge a book by its cover? I certainly do. To start with at least. Which books have you bought lately purely based on their covers?
Have a great Friday!
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    1. I am guilty of it. LOL I do vividly remember getting books for my son, trying to get boyish themes he’ll read and appreciate. A book I bought because of the cover (well, the whole beautifully dark package really) was Charlie Higson’s The Enemy. I still have it and I’m going to share it with you on today’s #abookaday feature. It’s one of my favourites, since it’s about a world where only children under fourteen survived a sickness that killed off all the adults. Of course that had instant “horror” appeal to my son… and me!

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      1. That’s awful. It’s surprising how much that sort of thing happens to reviewers. I’d never treat anyone like that if I received a bad review. It’s just not professional for starters. Or good manners… I could go on!

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