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#Review: Post-It Super Sticky Notes

Picture4.0 out of 5 stars Superbly Sticky!

I am reviewing the Post-it Super Sticky Notes Pad – Assorted Colours. Here are my thoughts: postits

^^ This is a pack that comes from the brightly coloured ‘A World of Colour’ collection.
^^ These colours in particular celebrate Rio de Janeiro and are pleasantly vivid.
^^ Contains orange, yellow, pink and blue.
^^ Pack of 4, 25 Notes Per Pad.
^^ 76mm x 76mm Full adhesive and superbly sticky, with a very small non-stick edge down one side.


I love these Super Sticky Post-It notes, as they do stay up much longer and stick to more surfaces because of it. Why didn’t you think of this sooner, you guys at 3M? All Post-It notes should be this sticky at all times!


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