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The Difference Between having a Regular Job and being a Writer…

I know that I have been absent as of late and I apologize. I am back in the game now and look out baby!
First, I want to share the cover for my October 15th Release! Book 2 in the Soul Mates Series – Come Undone

So I am up for a promotion at the regular job and I started weighing the Pros and Cons of each. This is what I came up with…please add to the list!!
Con – You cannot call in sick and still get paid
Pro – You can take a three hour lunch with a friend anytime you want
Pro – There is no boss to “motivate you”
Con – There is no boss to motivate you.
Con – There is no where to pass the buck even when it truly is not your fault
Pro – Your stress levels tend to be lower overall
Con – Time management is no longer a joke
Pro – Procrastination keeps your house really, really clean
Con – Deadlines are not flexible
Pro – You set your own deadlines
Pro – Your work is your own
Con – Your work is your own
Con – There is no chance for a promotion
Con – There is no such thing as constructive criticism
Pro – You can spend the day in your pajamas
Con – If not careful you could become a hermit
Pro – You could become famous
Con – You could become infamous
Again, would love to have you add to the list!! Who knows, I may just give something away to my favorite add! (wink, wink)


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