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The High Life by Terry Sanville

Title: The High Life
Author: Terry Sanville

Publisher: Eternal Press

Released: July 2009

eBook ISBN: 978-1-926704-23-4

Print ISBN: 978-1-926704-32-6

Length: 27 pages, 5,665 words

Genre: Science Fiction/Romance

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The year is 2098, and much of the Southern California coastline has been flooded by melting Polar icecaps. The rich live solitary lives in condominiums bolted to the underside of old freeway flyovers, while impoverished “dung people” live in communities amidst the new marshlands. Jacqueline is CFO of a company dedicated to bringing new products to world markets. When she helps Desmond, one of the dung people, escape from the condo company’s deadly Security Forces, they begin to develop a relationship. What happens next is surprising and will hopefully provoke you to think about cultural evolution.

Terry Sanville’s The High Life is speculative fiction the way it should be done. The futuristic setting, technology and character behavior are integral parts of the story. His writing is professional, crisp and interesting. What this author manages to pack into 27 pages is more entertaining than some novels I’ve read.

Spend a couple of bucks. The High Life is worth it.

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