Vacancies available

VACANCY AVAILABLE: FLE’s and proofreaders needed

TEB is looking for Proofreaders/FLE’s (Final Line Editors).
If you would like to apply for one of these positions please contact us at humanresources@total-e-bound.comwith your CV/Resume and a brief email on your previous experience.

Experienced, qualified line/copy editors should in the first instance
send your Curriculum Vitae/Resume to

Proofreaders are responsible for correcting grammatical and typographical errors in our books prior to publication. The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:

* Prior experience proofreading copy
* Excellent attention to detail
* Ability to meet tight deadlines
* Exceptional grammatical knowledge
* Absolute commitment to quality

Proofreaders are paid in complimentary copies of the books they proofread. For consideration, please send an email to


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