20. An Alternative View : Women In The Moon Books ~ May I See Your Hand?~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Title: May I See Your Hand?
Author: Myrna Lou Goldbaum
Publisher: Woman in the Moon
Genre: Non-fiction / Palm reading
Publication date: 1997
ISBN: 0-934172-03-X
Length: 94 pages with photos and 25 detailed illustrations
Edition: Paperback (British A4 size)

May I See Your Hand? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit ~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Hands up to Myrna!

I have divided this book into three parts. Let’s start at the beginning, where Myrna Lou’s introduction to the art of palmistry began at the tender age of 10. An inquisitive child who, by pure chance, stumbled upon a book filled with sketches of a human hand, written in the early 1900’s. What follows is a enchanting tale explaining how these fascinating images fired her enquiring mind. Over 40 years later, her desire to learn turned from an absorbing hobby to wealth of experience and profit.

Using an older method than the conventional way to ‘see’, Myrna Lou will take you through each line/mark on your palms, fingers, thumbs and wrists. Explaining in detail where to find them and what they mean. I particularly liked the empty sketch of a hand, where you can copy your own lines. I tried this, a bit tricky when my primary hand is also the hand I write with! (I got a friend to do the copying, so problem solved).

During the next section, you will learn everything from the basics — what type of person a palmist is and what palmistry can do for you — to easy to understand, detailed explanations about why the hands are the ‘mirror’ of the soul, what a prophecy is and more! There’s a chapter devoted to finding your soul mate, using a clever technique, the Soul Mate Pyramid. If this hooks you as much as it did me, you will be pleased to hear Ms.Goldbaum’s 2nd book Soul Mate Connections, reveals her enlightening wisdom about matters of the heart, love and relationships in more detail.

The final section of May I See Your Hand? concludes with suggestions and tips for turning your own hobby of palm reading into profit, having fun at the same time! As she guides you through the options available, you will discover the reasons for her success, how to market yourself, produce gift certificates and the importance of record keeping. Myrna Lou includes useful insights from her life’s own experiences, stretched over 40 years; sharing some intriguing palmistry stories that are motivating and encouraging. This is a marvellous D-I-Y book on palmistry; you’ll keep coming back to. May I See Your Hand? Is an intriguing, well thought through manual, with easy to understand examples, which even an experienced palmist will find useful. Especially, if considering ways to make money from such an interesting craft.

Oh, how I wish Myrna lived closer, I could do with finding out what the future holds for me. How about I have a go myself, read my own palm and let you know what I find out? Scary thought, but I might just take myself up on it! Yes, I have indeed discovered another new hobby. I cannot go anywhere now, without asking May I See Your Hand?


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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