180. Alternative WRITING: New Year’s Writing Goals

Remember yesterday I wrote about my crit partner, Lynnette? Well, would you believe she has changed her blog? Visit her new home by using the the link above, and while you are there you can catch up on our daily writing challenges!

We’ve chosen to write our stories from Monday to Friday, but because we both have busy lives we’ve set ourselves targets. In order to establish what is ‘doable’ our current targets consist of the following goal:

Monday – 250 words (equal to one page)
Tuesday – 500 words
Wednesday – 750 words
Thursday – 1,000 words
Friday – 1,250 words

That equals a total of 3,750 words per week. 97,500 words (a whole book) in six months and 195,000 words in 2006. Of course, this is just an experiment to find out exactly how much we can comfortably write in a day, but it makes you think.

There is a good possibility of writing two books in one year — although we do have to consider the edits (which strangely I love) on top of that. Considering my other reviewing and writing duties (not forgetting my job) I have only allowed myself a measly 2 hours a day for this so I will be interested to see how much I can happily do within this short span of time.

Enjoy your evening. Over here, in England it’s well past my bedtime!

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