18. An Alternative View: NEWS ~ HTML HORROR

Ok, here’s my conundrum!

If you are looking at his page via Firefox, you will have no idea about what I am talking about — but, using Internet Explorer you will probably be wondering where I got my HMTL skills from, eh?

For you Firefox users (like myself) all you will see on this review blog is what I want you to. Lucky you, eh? Well, not quite. It would appear that on any other internet browser, there’s a lot of extra code which messes up the whole display (and all my hard work trying to promote myself as a professional!)

It also makes the size of my text as large or small as it feels like.

[This is what the guilty party looks like *inside these [] brackets* here->


It’s impossible to get rid off! Believe me, I’ve tried. But Blogger.com are ‘working on it’.

I’ve checked this out on the Blogger.com status page. Yes, they are having issues. And no, the code offered to correct my (and many other bloggers) HTML problems just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s what blogger say:

June 27, 2005

Layout Solutions

Update: We’ve got a solution that provides users an easy way to disable the markup that is causing them some layout glitches with their blog. It will allow those who have custom templates and certain older templates to fix their blog up right proper. We’re building and testing the solution now and we’ll let you know when it is ready.

For the rest of this article, click HERE.

My problem is whether to keep up loading, messy reviews full of unwanted text (which makes me look like an imbecile) or to refrain for a temporary period. After much pondering, I decided to hold back on my posting for (I repeat) a SHORT period, while I wait for annoying HTML problem to be resolved. While I am waiting, I wil keep you informed of any updates for this aggravating situation.

I’ve got finished reviews waiting to upload too. It’s so frustrating!

Meanwhile, I apologise for the current state of this blog, and to the authors whose reviews are not looking their best. I am working on my own temporary solutions, whether they will work only time will tell.

At least this is a great opportunity to get some extra reading done!

Don’t forget, I can still be contacted by email, or via the ‘Alternative View Yahoo Group’ or HERE. I’ll keep you posted so you know I haven’t desserted you! I’ll be the one in the corner with the book held under my nose, in a world of my own.

The sooner Blogger.com fix this bug, the better it will be for all of us.

Catch you later. Hopefull, this won’t take long.


NB> I’ve just previewed this post, before I uploaded it for you to read. This whole message looks absolutely fine to me. Yet, the suspicious code I placed above as an example — in brackets like []– is not even visible! It won’t be to you either, if you are browsing through Firefox.
Don’t get me wrong, this is good. You see each post as I meant you to. It’s the IE users I feel sorry for…





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