176. Alternative PRESS RELEASE: Dandelion Books Supports Authors

Dandelion Books Supports Authors

Dandelion partners with International Arts & Media Foundation for author-sponsored humanitarian projects and literacy causes

TEMPE, AZ, Dandelion Books, LLC, http://www.dandelionbook.net , January 10, 2006 . . . . Dandelion Books, a six-year-old Tempe, Arizona based publishing company known for its uncensored books and “unfettered fiction,” is launching a fundraising project to support authors’ editing costs, development of special humanitarian book projects, translations, and re-publication of valuable out-of-print books.

Cassandra Frost, professional writer, journalist and grant writer, is Project Manager for Dandelion’s non-profit 501-c-3 foundation, the International Arts & Media Foundation Publishing Project.

“I’m excited to help launch this project because it may be the first time a publisher has offered a companion non-profit group to support authors’ needs,” states Frost. “Combined with the ‘Give First’ philosophy that is the basis for Native American give-away, we’ll be able to allow others to give to the IAM Foundation so we, in turn, can fund important writing projects.”

“Many people have information they want to share with the public, and often they need financial help getting a book professionally written and edited,” states Carol Adler, Dandelion Books president. “We are also seeking grants that support literacy. This includes translating Dandelion titles into many languages.”

“Cultural diversity in the U.S. and elsewhere is a reality,” says Frost, who is a Native American with strong ties to indigenous rituals and folklore. “The IAM Foundation is also seeking funds to reproduce valuable literary works that are out of print. With today’s new digital printing technologies, it’s easy to bring forth works that are in great demand by book collectors, avid readers, and libraries.”

Mission statement of the IAM Foundation, a subsidiary of the National Heritage Foundation http://www.ngh.org, is “to educate individuals in the techniques and skills of literacy: the writing of non-fiction and fiction and fiction works through writing classes, workshops, seminars, tutorials, retreats and literacy events.” Literacy events include publishing activities, and “education” includes distribution of published works that deliver information that may not be available elsewhere.

For more information about the IAMF Publishing Project, contact Sandy Frost at iam@safe-mail.net or Dandelion Books, info@dandelionbooks.net , Tel. 480-897-4452.

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