169. Alternative LINK: Unclaimed Lottery Money!

I bet some poor soul from Doncaster is kicking his or herself, as we speak. The above link explains how the deadline for claiming the 9.4 million UK National Lottery jackpot runs out 17:30 Monday.

The winning ticket was bought for the Lotto draw on July 6, and the winning numbers were 03, 12, 17, 36, 44 and 49.

It’s now Tuesday and the money is being donated to good causes. Not a bad thing for any of us, but someone from or visiting Doncaster (who knows the above numbers are theirs and has lost their ticket to prove it) will not be happy!

For more lottery news, how about the story of a Canadian who agrees to share his lottery hoard with his ex-wife? By the sound of it, he didn’t have much choice!

Or the German lady who didn’t claim her lottery loot, because she was worried she was having the mickey taken out of her, and that the five-figured win was just a joke! It took a trip from the police to convince her otherwise.

Check this site out for all the winning UK Lottery numbers. They have a form that can generate 158,760 unique pages, making it the largest lottery winning numbers section on the Web !

The pages generated with comma-separated values are specially designed for importing into spreadsheets or lottery databases.

The winning numbers database covers all 1046 UK National Lotto draws between Saturday 19th November 1994 and Saturday 31st December 2005.

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