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Uniquely Inspired Harmony

Author Blends Images and Words to Explore Many Angles of Life in Balance
NEW YORK – Poetic text punctuates vivid photographs to offer a deeply
affecting portrayal of the many emotions, events, interactions and
relationships that make each day unique in Oluwadahunsi’s My Book of Life, A
Companion Piece: Letter to Maya Angelou (Pictures & Words) (now available
through AuthorHouse).

Oluwadahunsi allows the images to speak for themselves, adding
brief insights that illuminate a range of contemporary human issues. The
photographs, courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, offer readers a
sampling of natural beauty. The words, original ruminations from this
insightful poet, deliver simple truths and personal experiences.

Letter to Maya Angelou, the first volume in a series of diverse
writings by Oluwadahunsi, explores the essence of harmony, both with oneself
and others, and navigates a complex route of thoughts and feelings. Brevity
is the key to his effectiveness, and surprisingly profound messages emerge
from his simple yet powerful statements. The poem, “The Happiest Time That
Wasn’t” illustrates his style.

A warm temperature is a freezing room/ Thawing/ The chambers of the heart
were not made/ For ice/ Even the heavy won’t feel heavy/ If you touch them/
The corners of the Earth don’t bend/ They round everyone/ A healthy start
doesn’t begin until all are/ Well

A provocative adventure for the eyes and mind, My Book of Life
delights the senses as it stirs the intellect and spirit.

A current resident of New York, Oluwadahunsi published his first
poem when he was 13 and is now a produced playwright, poet and author. He
has three law degrees, including one from Harvard Law School. In addition,
he attended the Yale School of Drama and has a Master of Fine Arts in
screenwriting from the American Film Institute. He has taught and practiced
law in both the private and public sectors. To learn more about My Book of
Life, A Companion Piece, visit his Web site at http://www.mybookoflife.org.


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