15. Alternative PreVIEW: My resarch into "Deep Blue" ~ Aishling Morgan

Some interesting links to get you in the mood for my next review – “Deep Blue” by Aishling Morgan.

In this fantasy story, a treatise of exotic Celtic art depicts an octopus-headed man in some compromising positons, said to call women to him in their dreams, increasing faith and ultimately his Godly power. It was thought to have inspired Lovecraft’s The Call of the Cthulu.

More about Lovecraft

An Introduction to The Temple of Dagon

Summer Solstice

More about the Summer Solstice.

Ness Beach This may not be the same beach, but it certainly gives you the feel for the setting in the book.

Megalithic tombs , Bronze Age burial chambers,Chun Quoit, cairns, dolmens, such as burial sites and monoliths in Cornwall –it’s all here!

Deep Blue


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