149. Alternative NEWS: Head Teacher Says ‘Ban little Britain!’

The parents of children acting out ‘Little Britain’ comedy sketches in the playground have been asked to respect the watershed!

Oh dear, this comes the day after I gave in, and let my son watch it for the first time ever!

Lynne Hargreaves, head of the primary school in Kent, said in a newsletter: “Discussions heard are not ones we feel should enter our school culture.”

She asked parents at Hildenborough Primary to help respect the watershed.

But parents said it was up to them what their little Britons watched and a line should be drawn at the school gate.

The head’s newsletter read: “I have had staff up in arms, not only because they felt the content of last night’s viewing was close to the edge, but also because a number of children watched this after the watershed and were full of it.

Last month, children named Little Britain as second favourite TV comedy in a Radio Times poll, despite the release of the video and DVD being a 15 rating due to “moderate language and comic sex references”.

It also won best TV comedy of 2005 at the 16th annual British Comedy Awards.

Now, I’m a sensible gal, but I can see both sides of this argument, being a Mum and a secret fan of the show! I personally think it is up to the parents to decide, not the Head Teacher. I work in a school, and I can honestly say, that controlling the children’s playtime would be a long and arduous slog. How, for instance, should this be done? It could easily be mentioned in assembly, but how is this going to stop children repeating it behind their backs? They can’t be watched 24/7 and if parents let them watch it (ahem) what can a school do about it?

Don’t get me wrong, if it interrupts lessons, then that has to STOP! But, that should be as far as it goes.

Heaven knows how hard I tried to stop my son from watching it. I guess the peer pressure was just too much for me!


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