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Title: A Message for the Ages
Author: Joel S. Goldsmith
Publisher: Acropolis Books
Publisher Website: http://www.acropolisbooks.com
Genre: Mystical / spiritual healing
Publication date: (1960-1981) reprinted 2003
ISBN: 1-889051-64-0
Pages: 221

A Message for the Ages ~ Joel S. Goldsmith ~ acropolisbooks.com

Mr. Goldsmith shares his quest for enlightenment, through teachings of spiritual healing, the nature of error and meditation. Although, much of his work is based on values contained within the New Testament, he appears to have found a hidden secret, surrounding principles which he called the ‘Infinite Way’. This can be briefly explained as an unfolding ‘infinite way’ of life, as apposed to a one-time experience. The ‘consciousness of oneness’ can, with practice and dedication, be experienced directly and vividly through commitment and dedication within ones own self. The core message is the premise there is a living presence within every person, an inherent spirituality, which is the substance and source of their life. With some fine tuning, each student can learn can learn how to promote clarity, harmony, love and freedom, regardless of your age, religion or circumstance.

During the time Mr. Goldsmith taught his students he recorded the classes and prepared monthly lecture notes. These were never advertised, structured, or promoted, but within his eighteen years of presenting this message, they were popular enough to sell millions of books to hundreds of thousands of readers and students around the world. From 1954 to 1959 these letters were made available in book form and had a central theme. Then in 1960 through to 1970 the letters were republished and renamed with different titles. The 1971 through 1981 letters also carry a central theme. When Joel passed away in 1964, his wife, Emma A Goldsmith requested that editor, Lorraine Sinkler, continue working with the monthly letters to ensure his message would be preserved and available to future generations.

To sum up, A Message for the Ages (compiled from the 1975 letters) is an uplifting book, guaranteed to assist you on your own path to spiritual awareness. As the teachings are based on the New Testament, the lessons are quite full on, however, each chapter is clearly broken down into further subheadings, complete with helpful summaries to round up each lesson. At the back of the book are comprehensive scriptural notes and references, a helpful addition to Joel’s spiritual truths. Joel.S Goldsmith was an inspiring spiritual teacher and it gave me great pleasure to read his work.

All of Joel S. Goldsmith’s books are now available through Acropolis Books, who either publishes or distributes the complete library of his works. Further information about Acropolis Books may be obtained at http://www.acropolisbooks.com or by calling (800) 773-9923.

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