128. An Alternative PRESS RELEASE: The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You ~ Michael Sharp

Avatar Publications is pleased to announce a forthcoming title by Dr. Michael Sharp. The book entitled The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You Volume One is Michael Sharp’s 4th book. It is a wonderful introduction to the highest spiritual truths and offers definitive, grounded, and in some cases wholly novel and entirely positive answers to the big spiritual questions that we all have at one point or another. Questions like “What is the nature of God?”, “What is the nature of creation?”, “What is my (your/our) purpose?”, and more. Everything from the essence of creation, the path of The Unfolding, the dimensional “levels” of creation, and even your relationship to God and creation are covered in this book. THE BOOK OF LIGHT really is a tour-de-force of divinely inspired enlightenment.

As one reader commented about Sharp’s first book, The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, Michael Sharp writes in a deceptively simple fashion. He takes the deepest spiritual truths and presents these with a clarity and punch that is rarely equaled among spiritual writers of this age. What is perhaps most surprising about Michael Sharp is the broad appeal and non-denominational presentation of truths. His books would be equally at home on the shelf of a catholic theologian as they would an Indian mystic, government politician, school teacher, CEO, or philosopher. Even though he brings the truth down to this earth so that everyone may understand, none of the truths that he writes about are diminished in any way. The most complex spiritual concepts remain wholly intact and in full relation to the entire edifice of universal truths.

The book is expected late December, early January 2005.

Gina Ratkovic
Director, Sales and Marketing


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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