127. An Alternative READ: CHECKMATE: The Games Men Play ~ Mark D. Crutcher ~ Literally Speaking Publishing House

Title: CHECKMATE: The Games Men Play
Author: Mark D. Crutcher
Author’s Website: http://www.checkmatethebook.com/
Publisher: Literally Speaking Publishing House
Publisher’s Website: http://www.literallyspeaking.com
Genre: non-fiction/self-help/ relationships
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 1-929642-50-4
Length: 205 pages
Edition: Hardback

Checkmate ~ The Games Men Play ~ Mark D. Crutcher ~ Literally Speaking Publishing House

“To gain understanding of the dating process, what better way to learn than from a smooth-talking, lip-smacking, self-confessed gigolo who knows how to play the game better than anyone?”

They say pride comes before a fall and that’s exactly what happened to the author of this book. After playing games with the hearts of many women and acting like the eternal Peter Pan, Mark D. Crutcher, a self-confessed PLAYER (gigolo and ladies man) finally received his ultimate comeuppance when his fiancée jilted him at the alter in front of everybody. To add insult to injury, his wife-to-be married someone else on the same day!

As Mark’s whole world came crashing down around him, he was forced to rethink his life and search deep into his soul for answers. It was time to come to terms with being jilted. It didn’t take him long to realise how the hurt he felt was nothing compared to the pain he caused all the women who trusted and loved him. He played games with their lives for his own selfish needs. But not anymore! Having realised the error of his ways, Mark, the son of the founder of his local church, finally turned back to God for comfort. He decided to take responsibility for his actions. Written in the aftermath of being jilted by the woman he loved, (although I don’t think he realised it until it was too late) this book serves as a warning to other women dating a PLAYER.

PLAYERS may seem like harmless, cheeky chappies, but it takes a lot of effort and calculating planning to achieve such a high level of deceit with so many women at the same time. For instance, Mark knew that if a woman lived locally, he must opt for the subtler approach, but if a woman he fancied lived out of his neighbourhood, he’d have to up the stakes and aggressively pursue his sexual pawn within an estimated time frame if he was to bed her. Sounds like a lot of hard work to me but to a PLAYER this comes naturally. In addition, the game is not over when a PLAYER reaches the point of having sex with his pawn for the first time; in fact it’s only just begun. By using well thought out tactics he then begins to work on the mind of the woman in an attempt to control her. Yes, brainstorming the perfect outcome is a 24/7 job, and with all this experience PLAYERS are constantly learning from their mistakes and improving their success rate.

By the way, although this empowering book is aimed at women, I would suggest women keep this book away from their men! In the wrong hands ‘Checkmate ~ The Games Men Play’ could be used as a cleverly disguised manual to teach men how to weave their way into your life and control it!

In conclusion, this National Bestseller is an analytical account of Mark D. Crutcher’s own life as a PLAYER, mixed with a series of stories where men like his former self are categorised and their personalities picked to pieces for all to see. By discovering the secret tools of a PLAYER’S trade, women can study their men’s behaviour to identify signs to look out for in a partner, and be prepared. With forewarning, women are able to analyse how a man’s actions can negatively or positively make an impact on their lives. Why? Because PLAYERS are so-called because they have the ability to manipulate a woman into thinking she has a relationship when really she is just being used for casual, uncommitted sex in a cruel game not unlike chess. To explain chess in one sentence, the objective of the game is to place the opponent’s king in an inescapable position on the game board. For the woman, once (emotionally) trapped, it’s hard to let go and that’s dangerous. It’s exactly where the PLAYER wants her. CHECKMATE.

The reader may (or may not) sympathise with the author, who is not proud of how he used to act, but through his repentance and extremely clever description, this informative, entertaining book reveals (shocking) inside information, and some useful solutions to beat your PLAYER at his own game. Congratulations, Mark D. Crutcher, this book will surely be a success! If relationship talk is your sort of thing (and if you’ve read this far it must be) then you are really going to enjoy this.



Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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