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Title: Natural Desire, Strange Design
Author: Aishling Morgan
Publisher: http://www.nexus-books.co.uk
Genre: Erotic / Fantasy
Publication date:
ISBN: 0-352-33844-X
Pages: 246
Edition: Paperback
Series: This novel precedes Deep Blue.

Natural Desire, Strange Design ~ Aishling Morgan

When Julian Blackman, pantheist and cult leader, died in 1979 his daughter Hecate (now Lady Chealingham) became the sole beneficiary of his estate, Brooke House. His intention was for Hecate to take over the manor which was being used as the cult’s headquarters and follow in his footsteps as leader. She was having none of it and disbands the cult. Although she kept her father’s sacaralia and library intact for several years, she suddenly decided to auction it off. Among the items to be auctioned were believed to be a key to the Blackman’s hidden inheritance, originally meant for Hecate’s eyes only.

Fascinated by the Blackman Legacy and a pagan himself, Nick Mordaunt decides to go to the auction and purchase these objects. However rumours that the late Julian Blackman’s possessions contained clues to hidden wealth had spread, attracting more interest than Nick had hoped. It would seem everyone was after a piece of the action.

Enter Anderson Croom, a pompous, sexually domineering character who wants the Blackman fortune for himself. Unfortunately both Nick and Anderson secure themselves some of the Blackman’s belongings, but as the legacy states, combining these objects should reveal further instructions to help pinpoint the location of Blackman’s hidden loot. It soon becomes apparent that working in partnership is the only course of action left open to them, but both Nick and Anderson are insistent it’s all or nothing, and the thought of cutting a deal with each other is out of the question. So the race is on as they con their way into Brooke House with the intention of seducing Blackman’s daughter and granddaughter Persephone, before running off with the treasure. Who will find the treasure first and what length’s will they go through to get it?

Again this is top-shelf stuff, including bondage, spanking and erotic torture. It’s explicit, perverse and reads just as a Nexus story should. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I am also finally getting to grips with the front covers, although I still think they should be changed to appeal to a wider spectrum of readers and not look so much like men’s pornographic material! But in a sense that’s what they are, although artistically crafted.

Natural Desire, Strange Design in my opinion, is less bizarre than Deep Blue (which I read first) although equally as much fun. As the plot unravels, such diverse characters as Anderson’s wrinkly butler Creech to young Ysabel, Nick’s girlfriend, ensure an amusing and saucy read. I found the competition for Hecate’s daughter, Persephone, hilarious. These scenes reminded me of a Carry On film, only the double entendres were replaced with ‘in your face’ sex. Sex which neither Nick nor Anderson want to miss out on. It doesn’t seem to matter who it is with as long as they feel they are gaining control of the treasure and each other. Anderson is an upperclass, borderline bully who doesn’t play fair in or out of bed, so his final comeuppance was a treat to read!

Aishling Morgan’s stories contain language and details of sexual acts which some people may find offensive, but if you are aware of the content within Nexus Books, then this form of erotica will read like a wet dream!


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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