105. An Alternative VIEW: Channelled Messages from a Parallel Universe ~ Connie Russert M.S. ~ Trafford Publishing

Title: Channelled Messages from a Parallel Universe
Author: Connie Russert M.S.
Author’s Website: http://www.toolsfortransformation.com/
Publisher: Trafford Publishing, Canada
Publisher’s Website: http://www.trafford.com
Genre: non-fiction / Channelling /Spirit Guides
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 141200679-1
Pages: 193
Edition: Paperback

Channelled Messages from a Parallel Universe ~ Connie Russert M.S. ~ Trafford Publishing

Just the tool for all your Soul Transformation and channelling needs…and it comes with its own spiritual toolbox!

Connie Russert M.S., founder of Tools for Transformation, begins her book with a short story about how she discovered her talent for channelling. It was a tool which changed her life direction forever more. From that moment on she explored her new metaphysical side with a passion and over time, left not only her ‘reluctant channel’ stage far behind, but also her day job. After making the transition to concentrate on her channelling she found the perfect opportunity to help others lead happy and rewarding lives.

Channelling messages through her seven master guides, collectively known as Paularyo, Connie receives their enlightening messages of wisdom and truth. Now you can learn to contact your own spirit guide too!

The aim of this book is to assist us with enhancing our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. With the acceptance of connecting to our spirit guides in a parallel world, we can tap into our intuition and uncover our true self and our life purpose. We learn how to use memorable analogies such as ‘The Tools for Soul Transformation’ and the ‘Spiritual Toolbox’, to help visualise and unlock our intuition and change our destiny for the best. We also hear how the process of journaling helps take the path ‘less travelled’ and see the world through the eyes of our soul.

All we need, says Connie, is imagination, meditation and to allow ourselves to be comforted by light and love. Transforming pain into peace and fear into faith.

This may sound like hard going, but it’s not at all. In fact, Connie’s explanations are written in an easy to understand language, which doesn’t skimp on detail or confuse. She appears to have shared her knowledge effortlessly, bringing clarity into the lesser-known art of channelling, which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Conducting seminars and workshops Connie is an expert in her field, providing channelling and support for individuals, couples and groups worldwide. So it’s no wonder this handbook includes short exercises to make full use of her knowledge. For the channelling enthusiast this makes the perfect DIY manual, and it comes with its own spiritual toolbox to ensure you have the right tools for the job!

If you’d like to find out more, you may be interested in obtaining one or both of the accompanying meditative/music CD’s. Stay tuned, as I will be reviewing those soon! Meanwhile, check out Connie Russert M.S., at her website by using the link (in the title) above.


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