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Twelve Tales of Christmas: Fantasy and Contemporary Tales to Brighten Your Holidays By Cathleen Townsend

I wasn’t actually planning on featuring another free Christmas book for #Blogmas today, however, when tweeting with author James Cudney I discovered this gorgeous, festive Christmas book below, and I didn’t want you to miss it!

Twelve Tales of Christmas: Fantasy and Contemporary Tales to Brighten Your Holidays By Cathleen Townsend is currently free on SMASHWORDS! (Offer will expire, please check before downloading).

Haven’t got a Smashwords account? It’s free to sign up, and just like Amazon they do special deals and freebies all the time. Go check it out!

If you’d like to support Cathleen Townsend and purchase her book, you can find it on Amazon USA and Amazon UK now, for a very good price.


Christmas isn’t always Jingle Bells and “Ho, ho, ho.” In these Twelve Tales of Christmas, Santa has to deal with unexpected German shepherds and reindeer who suddenly want to learn the tango. A dryad works feverishly with a teenage boy to save her tree, now in a stand in his living room, and everyone begs Death to hold off for just one more day.

And no one knows what to do with an the fire-breathing dragon. He’s not going on the Christmas card list anytime soon.

Come enter worlds of beauty and dread. Join a house hob as he raises his cup of eggnog high, and enjoy yuletide yarns delicious enough to tempt even St. Nick.

Kindle Edition
Published November 23rd 2017 by Phoenix Flight Press


An avid reader, Cathleen discovered fairy tales as a child and never outgrew them. She hopes you enjoy the stories she tells as much as she does. Cathleen lives in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of northern California with her husband and two dogs, a mischievous horse, and a cat who is sure he’s tougher than any dog.

You can find out more about Cathleen at cathleentownsend.com


The author, Cathleen Townsend, also has another free book, Stolen Legacy, if you sign up to her newsletter. For more information visit Cathleen Townsend’s website and blog.

Find Cathleen on Twitter, too!

Please also check out this great post where Cathleen interviews James Cudney and reviews his book, Watching Glass Shatter,

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Incidentally, James Cudney has a signed copy of his book Watching Glass Shatter up for grabs in a giveaway over at Goodreads. Enter the Goodreads contest to win a signed copy of Watching Glass Shatter, here. GIVEAWAY ENDS December 21, 2017 

If you get a free book always remember how much effort has gone into it behind the scenes. A review of just a couple of lines to say THANK YOU, will make an author’s day.  Have you made an author smile lately? It’s easier than you think!  

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5 thoughts on “🎄 🎅🏻‏ #Blogmas #Day6 ~ #HappyBlogmas! @CathleenTowns #CathleenTownsend

  1. Wow! Thank you soooo much! I think every writer fears their book just sinking like a rock without notice, so this is a marvelous Christmas gift. May your own holidays be merry–and not too stressful! 🙂

    1. Well, I’m pleased to have found you and your book! Thank you so much for your kind words, happy holidays to you, too! Oh I do love Christmas. I’m well in the mood for it lol Lovely to see you so happy!

  2. Hi Sassy and Cathleen,

    I have to admit that I am not much of a seasonal reader and the youngest member of our family is still a couple of years away from enjoying his Fairy Stories at bedtime.

    However, Christmas cover art is becoming more and more beautiful, as amply demonstrated by this alluring book.

    I used to have a Smashwords account, back in the day, so I really should check in there sometime soon.

    Have a good week both of you and thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do check it out! It is a lovely cover, too. 🙂

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