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Kamikaze White Noise is a collection of three books by Nicole I. Nesca, The Sexual Repression CollectionKink and Canned. Though not a formal trilogy, the books were written as companion pieces and follow the themes of sexual freedom, emotional frankness and street-carnival logic, all written with Nicole Nesca’s usual free-flowing sardonic wit. Kamikaze White Noise is prose and poetry that assaults the senses, liberates the mind and celebrates life on the edge like a perfect quarter-mile drag race.

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Spontaneous Prose and Poetry


LIES, LOVE & REDEMPTION, #Historical #Western #Romance @KWilkinsauthor #AltRead #SSMedia


Hi everyone,

Today I’m sharing a look at my newest historical western romance, LIES, LOVE & REDEMPTION. This full-length novel is set on the Nebraska prairie in 1877 and blends a steamy romance with mystery, and danger.

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Here’s the summary:

Lies, Love & Redemption

Shot and left for dead, Sam Hixton stumbles into a general store on the Nebraska prairie and collapses into the arms of Cassie Wilcox.

Cassie’s world is turned upside down when the handsome stranger drops into her life. Sam is another complication she doesn’t need: her business is dying and her trouble with the townspeople is escalating. Yet she’s determined to keep the store open — no matter what the cost.

As Sam recovers from his injuries, he hides the truth about his identity and convinces Cassie to let him work in the store. He’s attracted to her and admires her independent nature but quickly realizes Cassie’s in way over her head. They fight their growing attraction, and Cassie questions whether she can trust her fragile heart to a mysterious stranger. Will he accept her once he knows about her troubled past?

Cassie resists Sam’s advances and represses her feelings until one fateful night when they give in to their fiery passion. Together, they work out a plan to save the store but find their efforts are thwarted—and their lives endangered—by the locals.

Sam’s secret returns to haunt him and pulls him away just when Cassie needs him the most. Will he regain her trust when she learns the truth? Cassie has everything invested in the store—can she save it and find true love with Sam before it’s too late?

Cassie removed the sling and uncovered Sam’s shoulder. She bent forward, resting her hand on the center of Sam’s chest. His skin was warm, and she felt his muscles ripple beneath his skin. Her heart beat faster, and she closed her eyes. She shouldn’t be in here. It wasn’t proper, and yet . . . It took all her willpower not to peek at his lower half again.

“How is it?”

She opened her eyes and checked the wound. “It looks fine to me.” A lock of hair came loose from her bun and brushed across Sam’s chest. He reached up with his good hand and tucked it behind her ear.

Before she could protest, he leaned in close and kissed her.

Oh, Lord.

Sam’s lips moved against hers, slow and tender, as if he expected her to pull away or slap him. She didn’t. Instead, she closed her eyes and gave in.

Sam clutched her tighter, pulling her down to him. Her fingertips splayed against his bare chest, and she moaned. God, it felt good to be kissed and held by a strong man again.

A warm pulsing sensation flooded between her legs as Sam slipped his tongue into her mouth. She lost herself in his embrace and everything faded away. After what seemed like forever, Sam broke the kiss.

“Stay with me,” he whispered.

She gazed into his blue eyes. “I can’t. I should—”

“Yes, you can. I’ll treat you right. We’ll only do as much as you want. Kissing and cuddling, that’s all,” he said, then kissed her again.

That’s all? That wouldn’t be enough for her. Once they got down to serious kissing and touching, she wouldn’t want to stop. And she wouldn’t let Sam stop—even if he wanted to. Cassie melted in his arms. Their tongues entwined, probing and exploring each other’s mouths. Sam’s kisses stripped her of all reason and left her with a raging desire that needed to be sated.

It would be so easy to give in, to say yes, stay here all afternoon and . . . Was Sam healthy enough to make love? He must be if his prick was stiff. How would he be able to get on top of her without hurting himself?

Lord almighty, what was she thinking? She knew better. After all she’d been through, she knew she should resist him, but . . .

“Cassie? You here?” Luke bellowed from downstairs.

She yanked herself from Sam’s arms. “Shit.”

“Don’t answer him.”

“I have to. If I don’t, he’ll come up here.” She stood and adjusted the covers over Sam’s chest. “Be down in a minute,” she hollered.

“Get rid of him and come back. I think I’m on my way to a speedy recovery,” Sam said, grinning.

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Kelli A. Wilkins

Romance Author New 2017 Release: Loving a Wild Stranger

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Unrelenting: Love & Resistance #Pre-War Germany @MarionKummerow #AltRead #TrueStory


Berlin, Germany 1932. In a time of political unrest and strife, one man finds the courage to fight back… Dr. Wilhem “Q” Quedlin, chemical engineer and inventor, lives for his science. A woman is not in his plans—nor is it to be accused of industrial espionage.

This book is a must-read for everyone wondering how an entire nation could slide from democracy to totalitarian dictatorship ultimately killing millions of “undesirables” whose only crime was having a different faith, skin color or political opinion.

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February, is a time for romance.  From my heart, to yours, special wishes for a warm-loving Valentine’s Day.  I hope you like the little hints I’ve shared, I think you’ll enjoy to keep the romance in your life alive and thriving all year long.
Remember, when “date night” was generally dinner, or a movie? Maybe, candlelight, flowers, even popcorn was added too.  But, if somewhere along the way children, pets, and maintaining a home were added to the equation on top of a full-time job, I’m guessing, time is something you don’t have much of lately.  Right?  Good news: fitting a little romance into your daily routine, is still possible to keep that spark alive.  The key, is just a little creativity on your part, and paying attention to details.  Here are some hints, I’ll think you like.

Have Your Own Sign ~ There’s nothing that creates a connection, then sharing in your own private language. Think up a gesture that signifies, “You’re adorable,” “You’re hot”, “I’m craving you,” or simply, “I love you.” It won’t matter, whose around, or where you are.  Your partner will get your drift right away.

P.D.A. ~ Who doesn’t love being the recipient of open affection?  Holding hands, a light kiss, or tender hug, is a sweet reminder you adore the one you’re with.

Flirt in the A.M. ~ Even, if you’re not a morning person, nothing starts the day off right, then a little flirtation.  Nibble your partner’s ear, pinch their butt, kiss them tenderly, and despite their morning breath, whispering “Morning gorgeous,” might just spur them into action, if you know what I mean **wink **wink.


Let Your Cell Work for You ~ Sending a “You’re Hot”, “Luv You Muchly”, “You Rock My World” text for no reason, will win you major points.  If your call goes to voice mail, use your sexy voice to leave a thrilling message, that will leave them anxious and wanting more.

Tell Them Why ~ When you’re sharing an intimate moment together, whisper the reasons why you adore them.  It may seem corny, but they’ll love it just the same, especially, if each reason given is ended with a slow, seductive kiss.

Make a Fuss ~ Praise can fall short.  At times, we tend to take the little things for granted.  Go the extra mile, and break out a bottle of champagne/favorite wine or fix a special dinner, when your partner accomplishes landing a client, getting a promotion, loses weight, or finishes a special project.  Acknowledgment warms the heart and soul.

Say it With a Note ~ When was the last time, you left an endearing note?  We all love finding that little surprise tucked in a drawer, our gym bag, coat pocket, lunch box, on our pillow, or taped where we’ll find it easily.  Use whatever is at hand … scratch it on a post-it, napkin, piece of scrap paper, or visit the card section and pick up a cute one.

Cuddle Time ~ Set your alarm clock earlier for a quickie, or just to snuggle before your hectic day begins.  It goes a long way to keeping the spark alive.

Gifting for No Reason ~ The tiniest gesture can go the farthest.  Remember, it’s the little things that matter, like a gift card for gas or coffee, a book they might like, or uploading songs to their playlist.

It truly doesn’t take much on your part, to show the one you adore, how much you care.

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Last Reunion: An Ageless Comedy #AltRead @joedacyii #amwriting #amreading


In a dystopian 2040, an aging comic joins his surviving high-school classmates at a five-star, lakeside resort.

The Austin, Texas, Class of 1970 has been lured by a failing Social Security Administration’s offer: give up your remaining benefits to spend a free week in unrivaled luxury — pampered, protected, and entertained by one of your own.

Amid the laughter and the nostalgia, “Joe, the Old Man” learns some profound truths about Life in this hysterical novella. But a fiery, red-headed nurse named “Cindy” may have the last laugh.

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Re-Release, The Contrary Contessa. #EPPIE Finalist @SusanneKnight #regencyromance


I’m very happy to announce the re-release of the EPPIE Award Finalist for Best Historical Romance, The Contrary Contessa. This Regency romance novel is available for purchase electronically at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

Pride And Prejudice:

Because of the Sicilian tradition of “Fortuna”, Lexia Cappello believes she is destined to marry her stepbrother, the Marquess of Rutherford. Robert Weston, however, has a ready dislike of anything or anyone non-English. Can she convince this obstinate lord that his ignoble prejudice stands in the way of his future happiness?

All In The Family:

At first Robert Weston is annoyed, then intrigued by his new-found Sicilian stepsister. The more he resists her, the more he finds he yearns to possess her. Can he overcome his pride to admit the error of his ways and win the Contrary Contessa’s heart?



5 Hearts! This is an excellent Regency romance. It has a little bit of comedy and tons of romance. The plot has some surprising and very pleasing twists. Robert, who is very proper, and Lexia, who is quite bold, make an interesting pair. I highly recommend this fun, entertaining story.– The Romance Studio

Top Pick Award! Charming and delightful! THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is well written and what I like to call spicy! Lexia is a beautiful Sicilian spitfire who teaches Robert what it is to love someone and accept them for who they are. Gina, Anthony, and Emma are precious and precocious children who added a lot of fun to this story. I absolutely loved this novel. Lexia is a very strong-willed woman who goes after what she wants, which in this case is Robert. Robert had a lot to learn about happiness and love, and thank goodness he realized that you don’t have to live by society’s rules. The twist at the end was the perfect ending for this novel. I cannot wait to read more from Susanne Knight.– Romance Readers At Heart

5 Blue Ribbons! THE CONTRARY CONTESSA will steal your heart with its humor and warmth. The impish but delightful children provide plenty of laughs and tender moments as they help Robert and Lexia to realize that nothing can stand in the way of true love. Plus, there is a thrilling twist at the end of the story. Susanne Knight has written a great story, filled with plenty of love, comedy, and desire. Italy and England collide in this warm-hearted, romantic tale of true love, Italian style.–Romance Junkies

THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is a charming little Regency, with a twist. We also get the pleasure of learning a bit of Italian culture with this one. Susanne Marie Knight has done a wonderful job of blending the two cultures with the typical results. The horror of the kitchen staff when a member of the nobility enters the kitchen, and not only enters it, but proceeds to cook and clean up! The characters are believable, from Robert’s dislike of anything not English, to Lexia’s passionate nature. I really loved the character Zia Conchetta, Lexia’s aunt. Taciturn and quiet by nature, she still manages to make her disapproval known. If you enjoy a good Regency as much as I do, you don’t want to miss this one!–PNR Reviews

4 Angels! This light-hearted romp is sure to put a smile on readers’ faces. Fate has led the pair together; the hero never knowing that he set the course of his own destiny so many years before with his kind actions to an injured little girl. The children are an enhancement to the tale, bring with them a sense of hearty extended Italian family atmosphere to a man who was an only child. Lexia’s refreshing opinions about English conventionality and straight-laced respectability are not expected in traditional Regency. She will not be compromised in body or mind, yet her desires and needs shine through as she tries to thaw the heart of the very English brother that she has always seen as her destiny. A thoroughly enjoyable Regency romance!!–Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Roses! THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is an enjoyable story with a few bumps and a twist thrown in to make the lives of Robert, Lexia, and everyone around them a little more unexpected. Well, with the three children that is a given. But throw into the mix an elderly aunt, an almost fiancée and a very good friend that likes spewing Shakespeare whenever he can, you aren’t quite sure what to expect. The antics of the children are just that; children at play with Lexia right in there with them with a few antics of her own. If you like to read a historical romance that isn’t set in London but in the country that has a few ruts and bumps in the story just like the road, then pick up THE CONTRARY CONTESSA.–A Romance Review

THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is a pleasant way to pass the day. Engaging characters account for much of the enjoyment. Lexia Capello possesses a certain joie de vivre that is alluring to both readers and Robert. She is vibrant and exotic; very different from the usual English miss. It is highly amusing to see how Lexia disrupts Robert’s conventional English life. His household and his feelings are thrown into utter mayhem, but under her influence, he loses his superior attitude and prejudice, and becomes more likable. Contributing to the chaos in Robert’s life are delightful secondary characters such as his younger siblings. They are typical children, wreaking havoc with their playful hijinks. THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is a light-hearted, feel good romance, which I recommend to anyone in need of a quick pick me up.–Romance Reviews Today

Ms. Knight has a real knack for creating distinctly unique characters. Her work is filled with witty, fast paced and engaging dialogue from these fun, interesting people. She obviously did her research well, giving the reader just enough finely woven history and appropriate time and style details on fashion, art, and architecture. The author has crafted a technically well written story filled with lovely language. Satisfying, light entertainment.–NovelSpot Romance Review

Specializing in “Romance Writing With A Twist!”, Susanne is multi-published with 34 books and numerous short stories. She’s originally from New York City, and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Okinawa, Montana, Alabama, and Florida. Along with her husband and the spirit of her feisty Siamese cat, she enjoys the area’s beautiful ponderosa pine trees and wide, open spaces–a perfect environment for writing.

The Contrary Contessa is available for purchase electronically at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

Regency novels by Susanne Marie Knight include:

Timeless Deception (Time-Travel)

The Magic Token

Lord Darver’s Match (Time-Travel)

The Contrary Contessa

Regency Society Revisited (Time-Travel)

The Reluctant Landlord

Have Christmas Card… Will Travel (Time-Travel)

A Continental Marriage

The Questing Box (Time-Travel)

Paging Miss Galloway

Sojourn Through Time (Time-Travel)

A Noble Dilemma


Hope you enjoy! Thanks!


Susanne Marie Knight


Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

Searching for Rebellion: Two Indie Authors Form Edgy Publishing Company @ScreaminSkullPr #AltRead

Tony Nesca’s Books

Tony Nesca and Nicole I. Nesca have one question – where have all the fearless artists gone? Unable to find a mainstream publishing outfit that suited their taste for grittier writing, the Nescas formed their own – Screamin’ Skull Press.

For the Beat Generation, controversy was the norm, not the exception.  Creators like Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs and Lucien Carr courted debate and made careers out of pushing the proverbial envelope with their poems, books, music and other creative expressions. Living on the fringes of society was considered to be more excitig and fulfilling than conforming to the mainstream.

Authors and married couple Tony and Nicole Nesca feel connected to that Generation through their own work, and their innate understanding of what it means to be artists whose work cannot be deemed ‘conventional’ by anyone’s standards.

Currently writing, editing and publishing their works through their self-publishing venture, Screamin’ Skull Press, Tony Nesca and Nicole Nesca have both cultivated individual styles but have the same mission.

“To be frank, we see too much pushed out into the world today that is bland and formulaic,” says Tony Nesca, whose unique, humorous and lyrical sixth novel, ‘Hobo’ is out now. “Every other book is a rip-off of another rip-off. The bookstores are packed with these endless vampire stories and dystopian fairy tales. Where is our Anais Nin? Our Hunter S. Thompson?”

Screamin’ Skull Press exclusively publishes the works of the Nescas, and along with ‘Hobo’, released Nicole I. Nesca’s collection, ‘Kamikaze White Noise’ this year. Raw, electric and with a free flowing mix of prose and poetry, the companion pieces are explorations of sexual freedom, art, death and love.

“We knew that mainstream publishers wouldn’t have the courage to publish the kind of work that we want to create,” says Nicole Nesca. “It’s interesting – sometimes we wonder, could Charles Bukowski find success in today’s market?

It’s as if bravery is a dirty word in literature. Fearlessness, to me, is everything to a writer. Although we have our own styles, I think that’s one thing that Tony and I saw in each other when we met – that drive to find truth and peel back the layers in our own work.”

“I think we first fell in love with each other’s writing,” says Tony. “Which was a fitting beginning to our story.”

Tony Nesca and Nicole I. Nesca have published 16 distinct works through their Indie Press, and their journey toward a more rebellious future for literature continues.

http://screamingskullpress.com/  | Nicole I. Nesca’s Books | Tony Nesca’s Books


About a girl is a short novel that begins with two strangers, a man and a woman, who meet at a bus-stop and go on an impromptu bar-crawl on a cool, winter day. Taking place in twelve hours it recounts the oddball, hardcore, characters they meet and their increasing emotional connection as they fall for each other almost immediately. Infused with sexual energy, pop-culture references, intellectual debate and literary allusions this is an unapologetic, uncensored look at our society through the eyes of the outsider. It is written in a free-flow, spontaneous style with long unhindered sentences that enable the reader’s eye to glide down the page as the story flows and moves to an urban beat of strippers, punk rockers and nightlife happenings.